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You're at the right place to discover Openflexo technical infrastructure and research project. You will find here support, documentation and resources.


Openflexo is not not a tool nor a software, but a collection of innovative technical software components, exploring new paradigms.


Because tomorrow's software solutions require to manage sources of information, to retrieve it, represent it and connect it.


Openflexo's core team is animating an enthusiastic and creative contributor's community sharing those concerns.

On model federation...

Model federation is one of those new paradigms: instead of managing complex transformation chains, we connect directely to data in its original ecosystem. Openflexo's infrastructure provide components to retrieve, connect and represent multiple sources of information. We also develop an innovative methodology to assemble those components in a complete application that suit a particular need for specific business concerns.

From a technical point of view, Openflexo's software architecture is a large and complex components library. But it's also a multidisciplinary project where many skills are welcome. Feel free to contact us to get involved in this innovative and ambitious project.