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Using Maven Archetype to create a new TechnologyAdapter in Openflexo

In this article, you will learn how to get started with using a Maven Archetype to develop a new Technology Adapter within openflexo infrastructure, using eclipse IDE.

Configure Maven

As a preliminary phase, you should checkout openflexo-production project (0.4 version).

This project contains a file called archetype-catalog.xml, located in tools-configuration/src/main/resources/archetype-catalog.xml

Here is the contents of archetype-catalog.xml file

<archetype-catalog xsi:schemaLocation=""
<description>Provides technologyadapter development generator for Openflexo</description>
<description>Provides technologyadapter development generator for Openflexo with no metamodel</description>
<description>Provides module development generator for Openflexo</description>

Copy this file to your .m2/repository

Alternatively your might ask maven to build this catalog file:

Setting-up Maven preferences

First open preferences in Eclipse, and lookup Maven preferences:


Click on Add Local Catalog


Select local catalog file and provide a description. Click on OK.

Choose archetype

Two differents archetypes are provided by Openflexo infrastructure:

  • technologyadapter-archetype: this archetype provides a base implementation for a technology adapter managing a technology handling models conform to a given metamodel
  • technologyadapter-archetype-simplemodel: this archetype provides a base implementation for any technology adapter (model conformance is not handled)

Create a new project using Archetype

In Eclipse, perform New > Project. Select Maven and Maven Project. Click Next


Provide a location for your new module. Openflexo modules are generally build under openflexo-technology-adapters. For private project you might use another strategy. Click Next


Select desired archetype (here technologyadapter-archetype-simplemodel) (you might be required to include snapshot archetypes when needed) Click Next


Finally set all configuration data for new project, then click on finish.


Your new project should be created at desired location.