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Do you want to participate in Openflexo ?

Openflexo infrastructure is made with help from people all over the world.

You might contribute the development community in different ways:

1. Programming

You are warmly welcome to participate to Openflexo core developments.

Before submitting your work, please read Development guidelines before participating into Openflexo project. This document will explain you how contributions are used and how Openflexo Developers Community organize its collaborations.

Also please join developer’s mailing list, introduce yourself and ask for help in getting into the project.

A developer’s guide will also help you to get in touch with the code.

You can find a list of todo where are presented the key issues of interest to the core components or libraries. You might find here a project or key feature in which you have interest and useful for all the community.

Also feel free to review and correct bugs. Join developper’s mailing-list and we will help you to fix the bug.

You might also want to develop and integrate a new technology to the Openflexo infrastructure. Technology Modules are easy to write and are a good way to enter in the Openflexo code, as well as they represent a big interest for Openflexo users community. Please join developper’s mailing list for a support.

2. Designing and sharing Openflexo contents

The Openflexo infrastructure was originally designed to support many ways of dealing with information (edition, representation, federation). A lot of standards and business cases might be integrated into Openflexo infrastructure, with dedicated tools made with Openflexo infrastructure itself.

A lot a graphical tools might be graphically designed with Openflexo, without writing any line of code. A non exhaustive list is: UML SysML Archimate BPMN * …

From a generic point of view, any graphical DSL (Domain Specific Language), might be designed with Openflexo.

You may contribute to Openflexo contents community by providing business contents - issued from your experimentations or you real business cases - that will be shared by whole Openflexo users’ Community.

Please contact us for helping.

3. Documentation

As a relatively new open-source project, user documentation is still relatively poor and need to be developed. If you have interest in Openflexo project, please share your user experience with many other people by helping writing user documentation. Developers might also want to initiate and participate to developer’s documentation. Please join ((developer’s mailing list)).

4. Localization

Thanks to some people helping in project localization, Openflexo now support three languages (English, French and Dutch) and potentially more in future releases. The work is to translate some localization files and graphical user interfaces in many languages.

This job can be done easily using internal tools.

Please contact us for helping.

5. Graphics and art

The Openflexo community also needs people with graphical design skills. If you want to have your graphics packaged in future Openflexo releases, please free to contact us.

6. Testing, ergonomy

You might also want to participate to quality of Openflexo future releases. We are looking for volunteers who can test and review new releases. Also contact us for more information on that.

We also need some people to propose, test, and experiment ergonomy of future releases and new tools.

Hope to see you soon in the Openflexo community !